We organize the Ueno-no-Mori Old Martial Arts Performance Festival (武究舎Bukyusha) once a year in order to popularize the old martial arts which are the source of the current martial arts we have today. Old martials arts, which are the source for current modern martial arts, have a history of hundreds of years, and the influence is still remaining even today. In addition, the movements of the martial arts and its rationality is very interesting not only for Japanese people but also for foreigners. We are actively promoting this so that more people, both Japanese and foreigners, will know more about these martial arts. Furthermore, there are many elements that can be applied to the modern daily life. We would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to enjoy and reconfirm the greatness of the old martials arts of Japan in this festival.

Features of the Old Martial Arts Performance Festival

We do not only perform the martial arts but also allow you to experience them.
There will be a self-defense experience corner, an armor try-on corner, and a martial arts consultation corner.

Application for booth stalls

During the Olympics and Paralympics, we will be organizing the Old Martial Arts Performance Festival in Ueno Onshi Park Fountain Square (tentative) and would like to accept applications from individuals or organizations to put up shops in the festival.

Application for volunteers

For July 2020’s Old Martial Arts Performance Festival, We accept applications from everyone, any nationality, any gender and any age range. As long as you are a healthy person. We will post the details soon.

Requests for Sponsorship

Our organization is accepting sponsorship in many ways from those who support our activities.
Your donation will be used in great care to maintain and spread old martial arts activities.
We will be humbly waiting for your support.

Participating groups (in random order)

武備舎-Bubisha(気楽流柔術-Kirakuryu Jyujyutsu・戸田流兵法-Todaryu Heiho・武蔵懐剣術-Musashi Kaikenjyutsu)
森重流砲術-Morishigeryu Hojyutsu
山田道場-Yamada Dojyo(関口流抜刀術-Sekiguchiryu Battojyutsu)
月心会-Gesshinkai(小林流空手道-Kobayashiryu Karatedo)
尚誠館-Shoseikan(剛柔流空手-Gojyuryu Karate)
戸山流抜刀術-Toyamaryu Battojyutsu
勝武館-shobukan(無比流枝術-Muhiryu shijyutsu・兼相流柔術-Kensoryu Jyujyutsu)
中澤流合気柔術-Nakazawa Aiki Jyujyutsu(合気サンボ Aikisambo)
是風会-Zefu Kai(二天一流剣術-Nitenichiryu Kenjyutsu・新陰流剣術-Shinkageryu Kenjyutsu)

Ueno-no-Mori Old Martial Arts Performance Festival

Representative Bukyusya: Gou Yasuhiro
Japan Martial Arts Culture Society
Okachimachi South exit Shopping street
OneBetter Co., Ltd.
Sponsorship:Taito-ku / Ueno Tourism Federation
Supporter: Member of the House of Representatives Mr. Amari Akira  /
 City Council member Mr. Hosaka Masahiro